Conference Registration

All participants need to create an account or login to an already existing account, to regiter to attend any of our conferences or events.

Registration to the conference requires the payment of the registration fees (except for free access events) can be done by one of the registration options activated for the conference:

Payment online by credit card: this is the most common and easiest registration option as the confirmation is immediate. The participant needs to have a credit card valid for international online payment.

Payment by bank transfer: this payment option is activated with most of our conferences. The participant needs to have our bank account details (as below) to make the bank transfer. The participant needs to contact us if an invoice is required to make the bank transfer.

Payment on site by cash: this option is only to be considered for participants whom cannot do make the registration fees payment by the above 2 options. We will request travelling confirmation documents before we agree to consider this for the participant who requests it.