Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics - 3Bs Materials 2024

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Dr. Mariarosa Raimondo

Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics, CNR, Italy

In 1993 dr. Raimondo has got a degree in Industrial Chemistry at University of Roma “La Sapienza”. For at least twenty years, she’s Group and Project Leader in Materials Science, particularly on “Smart and multifunctional industrial materials and surfaces”. Her activity mainly deals with the engineering of innovative surfaces, materials synthesis and processes to multifunctional, low wettable surfaces and thin films for many different industrial sectors. Currently, she’s handling scientific projects on the design of hybrid or fully organic coatings aiming at modulating the wetting behavior of surfaces, providing metal or alloys, composites and natural fibers as well, of super-hydrophobicity, amphiphobicity, switchable hydrophilic/hydrophobic performances.

The focus is on the design and fabrication of innovate surfaces leading to friction, drag and noise reduction (main reference industrial sectors: maritime, naval), anti-icing materials (aerospace, electric conduction systems), anti-soiling, and anti-reflective properties (PV and building industry), materials with improved thermal exchange ability (heat exchangers), anti-corrosion and anti-fouling behavior (for biological systems, marine equipment). From this perspective, she acts as coordinator of international research programs with EU in the framework of Horizon programs, Italian Defense Ministry, NATO, European Central Bank and many other Institutions and companies.

Dr. Raimondo has published more than 100 papers on international journals, with more than 50 communications, many of them as keynote or invited speaker at international conferences. She deposited 3 patents and she steadily works as Reviewer and Editorial Board Member for journal and international research programs as well.