The 7th Ed. of the European Graphene Forum - EGF 2022

Speaker's Details

Dr. Hatef Sadeghi

University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Dr. Sadeghi is an Associate Professor and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow  in the School of Engineering  at the and head of Device Modelling group. His main research area is theoretical nanoscale electronics and computational materials discovery and collaborates at the interface between Physics, Chemistry and Electronic Engineering. He is a recipient of two prestigious fellowships, the Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship  in June 2017 and the UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship in Feb 2019. He has published more than 120 peer-reviewed papers in high ranked journals such as Nature, Nat. Mat, Nat. Nano, Nat Comm., Nano Lett. ACS Nano, JACS, Adv. Fun. Mat, Angewadte, Nanoscale. He co-created the quantum transport code "GOLLUM" and leads its distribution and development. The research Interests include:

  • Nanoscale materials modelling and discovery i.e. Quantum, phonon and spin transport; Environmental effects
  • Molecular electronics i.e. Quantum and phonon interference; Energy harvesting e.g. Thermoelectricity and Piezoelectricity; Biological sensing; Spintronic; Optoelectronics; Molecular electronic building blocks
  • One and two dimensional materials i.e. Van-der Waals heterostructures; Graphene electrodes and nanojuntions
  • Multiscale modelling i.e. Density functional theory; Tight-binding modelling; Molecular dynamics; Quantum transport
  • GOLLUM:  co-development of the next generation quantum transport simulation tool: GOLLUM