3rd Edition Nanotech Dubai 2016 Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Prof Ali Bumajdad

Kuwait University- Kuwait

Ali Bumajdad is a professor at Kuwait University. His specialty is nanoparticles and nanotechnology with focus on surfaces and colloidal properties of nanomaterials.  He has special interests synthesizing, characterizing and test the catalytic activity of nanomaterials prepared using wet chemistry methods with focus on colloidal templates and sol/gel processes. In his research he also targeted materials with environmental, renewable energy, sensors, and green chemistry applications (e.g. pure and doped CeO2, TiO2 and ZnO, Ag, graphine and carbon nanotube), magnetic and drug delivery applications (Fe2O3), and microbial and cancer applications (Au & Ag). He is also interested in liquid crystals research  and he is familier with many characterization techniques (both bulk- and surface-related like XPS, HR-TEM, SEM, AFM XRD, N2 sorptiometery, TGA, DTA, IR, Raman …etc).

Porf. Bumajdad Published more than 45 peer-reviewed paper and he was the chair of the first Kuwait International Nanotechnology Conference and Exhibition that was held in 2016.


Editorial Activities:

Reviewer to 37 international journals in the field of  nanotechnology and surface chemistry (e.g. Langmuir, Advances in Colloid and Interface Science,  Journal of Physical Chemistry, Materials Letters, Material Research Bulletin, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Current NanoScience, Nanoparticle Research, Nanotechnology, Journal of Colloid and Surfaces A,  Journal of Colloid and Polymer Science, Journal of Materials and Manufacturing Processing, Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters, Journal of Surface Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering Communication, Journal of Materials and manufacturing Process, Journal of Molecular Liquids,  Journals of Energy and Fuels…..etc).