Surfaces, Interfaces and Coatings Technologies International conference

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Prof. Sandra Carvalho

University of Coimbra, Portugal

Sandra Carvalho (F) is Full Professor at University of Coimbra. She was Vice-Director of Physics Department (University of Minho) between 2011 – 2013 and 2015-2016. She received her B.A.Sc. Physics and Chemistry at the University of Minho, Portugal in 1994, where she obtained also her PhD degree in Physics in 2004, with a work carried out in Portugal, France, Netherlands and Germany, in the field of hard PVD coatings. Presently, she is Coordinator of the Research Surface Modification and Functionalization Group within Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes (CEMMPRE) and Centre of Physics from Universities of Minho and Porto (CFUM-UP). Her research activity is focused on the development of new decorative, protective and functional coatings for many different parts and components made of metals, plastics, glass, textiles, leathers, and other materials. She is deeply involved in innovative nanoscale coating architectures for functional and smart surfaces such as flexible devices and bio-sensors, low friction and wear nanostructured coatings, nanostructured materials with barrier and antimicrobial properties, nanoparticles and 3D nanostructures. She is head of the Laboratory of Corrosion and Electrochemical studies. She participated in more than 36 projects at National and European levels, 26 of them as coordinator. She supervised/co-supervised 9 Post Docs, 14 PhD students (10 concluded) and 44 MSc (37 concluded).  She has 3 submitted patents, more than 125 papers published in international ISI journals, 3 book chapters, and more than 2300 citations, h-index 27, (scopus). She is member from European Joint Committee on Plasma and Ion Surface Engineering and member from Executive Committee of Advanced Surface Engineering Division (ASED) of the American Vacuum Society (AVS). She is Vice-President from Portuguese Materials Society. She acted as Advisory board of PSE2014 held in Germany, as Scientific Committee of PSE2016, PSE2018, PSE2020, PSE2022 that were held in Germany, and participated as member of organizing committee of national and international conferences. She will be chairwoman from Junior Euromat 2022. She is editor of Materials (MDPI) Journal.