6th Ed. Smart Materials and Surfaces - SMS 2021 Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Dr. Petr Sittner

Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Petr Šittner is a leading global expert in the field of research into so-called martensitic phase transformations and thermomechanical behaviour of shape memory metal alloys. He has been involved since 1991 in the research of martensitic transformations and related phenomena in solids and functional materials, particularly Shape Memory Alloys /SMA/, focussing:

  • experiments and modelling of martensitic transformations in Cu-based alloy single crystals,
  • experiments and modelling of thermomechanical behavior of SMAs under general loading conditions,
  • development, testing and modelling of NiTi reinforced composites,
  • analysis of physical property changes of solids associated with martensitic transformation
  • thin NiTi filament research
  • development of SMA textile technologies,
  • development and application of thermomechanical models of SMAs
  • in-situ x-ray and neutron diffraction applied to SMAs.

The SMA research lab I founded and built with my colleague Vaclav Novak in the Institute of Physics CAS  in 1995 has gradually developed into the present Functional Materials and Composites research group currently headed by L. Heller. The FMC research group currently focusses on the improvement of fatigue performance of NiTi alloys.

He's now mainly working on the following research areas:

  • development and application of x-ray and neutron diffraction methods to SMAs,
  • fatigue of NiTi actuators,
  • nonconventional heat treatment and shape setting of NiTi
  • environmental fatigue of NiTi for medical devices.

He published more than 200 scientific articles within impacted journals, 2 book chapters, 3 patents and 2 patent applications