The 7th Ed. of the Smart Materials and Surfaces - SMS 2022 Conference

Speaker's Details

Prof. Alan Dalton

University of Sussex, UK

Prof. Dalton has over 20 years’ experience in the production and characterisation of conducting nanomaterial networks, which includes numerous research grants(> £4 m)and industrial partnerships. He has over 140 publications and 12 patents with over 10000 citations. Alan is the co-director of the newly formed Sussex Programme for Quantum Research. His research group originally focused on carbon nanotubes in polymer matrices for transparent electrodes in partnership with Sharp Electronics and more recently graphene-polymer composites for a range of flexible conductive devices. Research into thin films of silver nanowires has led to the development of nanostructure-property design rules for device performance and demonstrations of fully functional touch screens. More recently, hybrid electrodes of graphene with silver nanowires have further increased performance and lowered cost. Through our partnership with Advanced Material Development Ltd, we have established connections with a range of companies seeking to develop devices based on solution-processed nanomaterials including RFID. Recently his research interests have evolved to include graphene oxide and its applications in materials for sensors and optoelectronics.