The International Conference on Surfaces, Coatings and Interfaces

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Dr. Giovanni Ramírez

Bruker Nano Surfaces, California, USA

Dr Ramirez has extensive knowledge in materials science and mechanical engineering in general, and more specifically in surface engineering, coatings/thin films, tribology and lubrication, and corrosion. He get involved in numerous research projects dealing with development and characterization of thin films/coatings for different applications. He participates in research activities that are both basic and applied in nature, and directed toward reducing energy consumption and understanding of the underlying fundamental mechanisms involved in the wear and friction behavior of many types of coatings and lubricants. He has contributed to large project reports, key scientific publications (including one in Nature Journal), and proposal preparation. His areas of interest/expertise are high performance tribological coatings, nanolubrication, thin film deposition, super hard coatings, nanocomposite materials, corrosion resistance coatings, and biocompatible materials.