Welcome to Setcor

The Science, Engineering, Technology Conferences Organization - SETCOR - founded in 2011 by experts who had more than 15 years experience conducting academic research, consultancy, data reports, and EU projects management. We are a leading organizer of multidisciplinary events/ trainings for academics and professionals in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology with a focus on the innovative technologies including: Nanotechnology and Nanoscience, Smart Materials, Smart Cities, Renewable energy and Biotechnology. We organize international conferences, workshops, training, schools and exhibitions worldwide in collaboration with local and international partners.

We also provide consultancy services for the global nanotechnology and new materials industry. Our team of consultants, researchers, writers, and event organisers include many of the most respected experts in their fields. We understand the nanotechnology and new materials industry intimately. We know how the markets have changed and where they are heading. We can identify exciting market opportunities, new customers and innovative technologies to help grow our client business.