The 4th edition of Biotech France 2021 International Conference and Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Dr. Deborah Traversi

University of the Study of Turin, Italy

Dr. Deborah Traversi is an associate professor and researcher in General and Applied Hygiene science 2008 at the University of Turin, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. She is working at the Department of Public Health and Pediatrics. The mainly research fields regards the Environmental Science and Human Health, particularly the field of environmental mutagenicity and genotoxicity and the exploration of biological effects of the aero-dispersed particulate matter exposure. Then she is working on research activities on the applied biology promotion and on the prevention improvement. Since the end of the 2008 she is collaborator or responsible in various regional and national projects research projects on environmental health science. Today she is unit responsible for a funded project called SOFCM in the aim of EU 7°FP and co-responsible of a national project funded by the Board of Health on occupational health evaluation for the green jobs and on a sanitary project on the gut microbiota and health. She is involved today in pursuance of University courses of Hygiene. In the last five years she conduced various international missions for the Department for technical and scientific activities or for the presentation of the research results in international contests. She is co-author of around 50 papers.