The 6th Edition of the European Graphene Forum

Speaker's Details

Prof. Davide Donadio

University of California Davis, USA

Davide Donadio is a theoretical materials scientist. He earned his Ph.D. in 2003 at the University of Milan, with a work that featured electronic structure calculations and molecular dynamics simulations of silicate glasses. He then moved to ETH Zurich (Prof. Parrinello's group), where he studied materials at extreme conditions and crystal nucleation. In 2007 he joined Prof. Galli's group at UC Davis and worked on nanoscale heat transport in thermoelectrics. From 2010 to 2015 he lead the Max Planck Research Group for "Theory of nanostructures" at the MPI for Polymer Research in Mainz (Germany), investigating non-equilibrium processes at the nanoscale by molecular simulations. In 2014 he was appointed Ikerbasque professor at DIPC (Donostia, Spain), and he then moved to UC Davis, where he continues his research activity on crystallization, surface chemistry, and nanophononics. He has published 108 peer-reviewed articles and three book chapters.