The 5th edition of the NanoMaterials for Energy and Environment 2019

Speaker's Details

Prof. Hong Seok Kang

Department of Nano and Advanced Materials Engineering, Jeonju University, Rep. of Korea

Prof Hong Seok Kang was graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Seoul National University. After that, he got my Ph. D from the Department of Chemistry, KAIST in 1986, Korea. Although his research has been activated relatively late,  he published many papers in ACS Nano, J. Am. Chem. Soc, and J. Mater. Chem. A & C, etc as the corresponding author. In 2008, Ihe was awarded “Ipjae Physical Chemistry Prize” from the Division of Physical Chemistry, Korean Chemical Society, for outstanding research. In 2018, he was also awarded an “Excellent Research Prize” from the Vice Prime Minister/Minister of Education of Government of Korea for breakthrough research in 2017. Very recently, his purely theoretical papers were selected as cover articles in Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2018) and Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2017).

Using various first-principles methods, he has recently been involved in research for designing and understanding electronic and chemical properties of various low dimensional nanomaterials. From 2017, my interest has moved to the energy applications of those materials such as to secondary battery and photocatalytic CO2/H2O decompositions.  For that purpose, he has been actively involved in collaboration with a highly sophicated scientist in Korea University and others highly sophiscated scientists in Korea.