NanoMedicine International Conference 2021

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Prof. Hans Jörg Meisel

BG-Clinic Bergmannstrost Halle- VUmc, Germany

Hans Jörg Meisel MD PhD is now the Director of the Center of Neurosciences/Chair Dept.of Neurosurgery, BG-Clinic Bergmannstrost Halle-Donau-Universität Krems-Vrije Universiteit Medical Center (VUmc) Amsterdam-Translational Centre for Regenerative Medicine (TRM) Leipzig-President Regenerate Europe e.V.

In 1998 HJ. Meiselwas appointed to the Berufsgenossenschaftliche Clinic in Bergmannstrost Halle/Saale as Director of the Clinic for Neurosurgery. Every year his team of 10 surgeons carries out a minimum of 1800 surgeries in the area of cerebral and spinal diseases.Since September 2008 HJ. Meisel has been appointed as the Director of the Center of Neurosciences of the BG-Clinic Bergmannstrost Halle. HJ. Meiselsprimary focus in spine surgery and research is for the last 20 years in degenerative spinal diseases. Starting as inventor and designer of spinal implants for the intervertable space in cervical and lumbar in arthroplasty and fixation hedeveloped 1995the first biological disc repair transplantation system with autologus chondrocytes.HJ.Meisel served as a PI for the first randomized clinical trial to study this regenerative approach (EuroDisc) after running all preclinical evaluations at Emory Spine Center, Atlanta. Together with hisAtlantagroup theycontinued the preclinical and clinical work in disc regeneration with adiposed derived mesenchymal stem cells.As a founding member HJ. Meiselhelped to start the ETP Platform Nanomedicine for the European Commission. From 2003 to 2006 HJ.MeiselservedAOSpine Europeas a founding member andto develop a new teaching and course platform as a deputy on the neurosurgical side. (Intervertable Disc Course Davos, 2005; Strasbourg Course 2006; Cervical Course Palma de Mallorca, 2006)In 2005 HJ.Meiselco-founded the Translation Center for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Leipzig and supported there as an Executive Board member the preclinical affairs mentoring since the beginning 4 major spinal projects with the focus in regenerative disc repair and biomaterials financed by the German Ministry of Research (BMBF).In 2005 HJ. Meisel founded the European Network for Regenerative Medicine Regenerate Europewhich integrates 10 countries of the European Union that carry out research in the area of Regenerative Medicine and organized the Biospine Meetings (2002, 2007, 2010) and Regulatory Workshops for ATMPs and animal modeling (2010, 2012, 2014).In 2007 HJ.Meiselwas appointed by the Vreije University of Amsterdam to become a Visiting Professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery for the coordination of international research projects and the development of the European Master Degree in Regenerative Medicine.Currently there isrunningthe EU COST project Namabio “From nano to macro biomaterials (design, processing, characterization, modelling) and applications to stem cells regenerative orthopaedic and dental medicine” including 250 members in nanomaterial research and clinical application. In 2013 hebecame an Honorary Professor inthe Department for Health Sciences and Biomedicine at the Donau-University Krems (Austria).In 2013 he became an elected member of the AO Spine Knowledge Forum Degenerative and Biologics. In 2014 he was elected as chair of the European Technology Platform Nanomedicine (ETPN) Working Group of Nanotechnologies for Regenerative Medicine. HJ Meisel is active member of the EANS, SSE, ICRS, ISSLS, ISASS, AOSpine and others.