Nanotech France 2015 Conference & Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Prof. Patrick Couvreur

Department “Physico-Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy” (UMR CNRS 8612), France

Prof. Patrick Couvreur is full Professor of Pharmacy at the Paris-Sud University and holder of the chair of “Innovation Technologique” (2009-2010) at the prestigious Collège de France. He was recently appointed as a Senior Member of the “Institut Universitaire de France”. He is the recipient of an “ERC Advanced Grant” (2010-2015).

Patrick Couvreur’s contributions in the field of drug delivery and targeting are highly recognized around the world through 430 research articles, 250 invited lectures, 59 patents and the main author/editor of 7 books (H-index 66 and 14,000 citations). His research is interdisciplinary and focuses on the conception of nanomedicines for the treatment of severe diseases (cancer, infectious diseases and neurological disorders). Methodologies are at the interface between Physico-Chemistry of Colloids, Polymer Chemistry, Material Science and Pharmacology/Cancerology. Patrick Couvreur’s research has led to the funding of two start-up companies (Bioalliance, 70 employees, and Medsqual). The major scientific contribution of Patrick Couvreur to the Pharmaceutical Sciences is also recognized by numerous international awards among which, the 1990 Young Investigator Award for Excellence in Research from the Controlled Release Society (USA), the Pharmaceutical Scientist of the Year 1996 Award from the International Federation of Pharmacy (FIP), the 2004 Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress Award (Kyoto, Japon), the prestigious Host Madsen Medal (Beijin, 2007), the Marie-Maurice Janot Award Lecture (2008), the Prix Galien (2009) and the European Pharmaceutical Scientist Award (2011). His appointment as a member of four academies (Académie des Technologies, Académie de Médecine and Académie de Pharmacie in France, as well as Académie Royale de Médecine in Belgium) is another recognition of major scientific and scholarly contributions of Patrick Couvreur.