Conference Workshops

Workshop towards Horizon 2020 call priorities & funding

for micro/nano-enabling technologies

Tuesday, June 16, 2015, 14:00 to 18:00


  • To identify top priorities & funding for next Horizon 2020 calls on multi-material and multi-functional (4M) micro/nano-enabling technologies;
  • To bring forward the global picture of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in advanced manufacturing with highlight on Nanotechnologies;
  • To roadmap promising nanotechnology-enabled products for key applications;
  • To make key recommendations on future research needs for nanotechnologies in the (4M) manufacturing domain, in relation to the launching of next Horizon 2020 programs.

Workshop Speakers

  • Susan ANSON (Karlruher Institut für Technologie , Germany);
  • Adrien BRUNET (Karlruher Institut für Technologie , Germany);
  • Jérôme GAVILLET (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Renouvelables, France);
  • Helmut LOIBL (Fotec, Austria);
  • Lionel TENCHINE (Pôle Européen de Plasturgie, France);
  • Todor Stefanov PETROV (University of Birmingham, UK).


 Welcome and Introduction about the 4M2020 initiative

 14:00 to 14:30

4M2020 outline and intermediate results

 14:00 to 14:15

Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in advanced manufacturing - Nanotechnologies

 14:15 to 14:30

 Workshop Introduction and Sessions


Session 1 - Review and ranking of topics and products of high impacts for EU

14:30 to 15:30

 Coffee Break

 15 mins

Session 2 - Key technologies and value chains

 15:45 to 16:45

Coffee Break

 15:00 mins

Session 3 - Technical and non-technical bottlenecks

 17:00 to 17:45

 Debriefing, Conclusion and Next Steps

 15 mins

 Cocktail Reception


Registration to the workshop

Please send us an Email to to confirm your participation to the workshop. Access to the workshop is free for all conference registered participants.