Nanotech France 2015 Conference & Exhibition

Speaker's Details

Dr. David Carey

Senior Lecturer in Electronic Engineering at the Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey, United Kingdom

Dr David Carey research interests are mainly focused in:
(1) Nanotechnology and nanomaterials in particular carbon based materials (nanotubes, graphene and DLC)
(2) the applications of low dimensional materials as field emitters
(3) the structure, transport and electronic properties of nanomaterials and
(4) Commercial applications of nanomaterials, Nanotechnology and Society.

Dr David is a Fellow of the Institute of Nanotechnology, Member of the Institute of Physics (London), Member of Institute of Engineering Technology (IET, Member of the American Physical Society (APS)), Member of the EPSRC Peer Review College (2003 - present) and Member of the Management Committee of the EPSRC Network of Defects in Si and SeGe (2002 – 2004).