Plasma Processing and Technology International Conference 2023

Conference Program

The conference agenda, program and book of abstract will be added here when ready.

The oral presentation

  • A Plenary presentation is about 45 mins (including Qs/As) speech.
  • A Keynote presentation is 30 mins (including Qs/As) speech.
  • A Invited presentation is 25 mins (including Qs/As) speech.
  • An Oral (standard) presentation is 15 mins (including Qs/As) speech.
  • We do not impose a template for the oral presentation content.

Poster Information

  • Oniste Poster dimensions must be 100cm high X 80cm wide maximum.
  • Online Poster, when made possible, are to be upload online as a PDF file with the size as A4 or A3. The upload details are to be communicated few weeks before the event dates.
  • We do not impose a template for the poster content.