Composites International Conference

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Prof. Javier Gonzalez-Benito

University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

J. González began his scientific career at the Complutense U. of Madrid in 1992. He joined UC3M in 1993 to carry out his PhD thesis on polymer composite materials, being specialized in characterization of polymers and composites. He carried out several research stays at the institute of Tecnologia Quimica e Biologica of the Universidade Nova de Lisbon (1999); University of Technology of Tampere in Finland (2001); University of Basque Country (2001); Macromolecular Department of Case Western Reserve University (2002); University of California Santa Bárbara (2005) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Gaidersburg, USA 2015). He obtained a position as tenured at UC3M in 2003. In 2022 he gets the Full professor position at the UC3M. In 2006 he created the research group "Group of Polymeric Composite Materials and Interphases", with the new line of research, "Multifunctional Nanocomposite Materials based on Thermoplastic matrices”. One of its biggest challenges has been to achieve uniform dispersion of nanoparticles within thermoplastic polymers. He studied macromolecular dynamics through the use of spectroscopic techniques and he developed nanoscale experimental methods for determining key parameters in the area of materials science, such as the coefficient of thermal expansion. In recent years he has collaborated with the Group of Chemistry of the University of Navarra studying antibacterial nanocomposite materials. At this time, one of his main aims is focused on developing new methods of preparation of nanocomposite materials based on a technique called "Solution Blow Spinning", SBS, which allows preparing polymeric nonwoven nanofiber mats with potential applications in medicine among others. He is a member of the Royal Spanish Chemical Society and of the Specialized Polymers Group. He is member of several international comeetes of scientists. He has participated in more than 25 national, regional or European research projects. His entire scientific career has allowed him to publish more than 110 articles in SCI journals, several book chapters, more than 95 communications to conferences