Nanometrology 2021 International Conference

Conference Topics

The NanoMetrology 2021 conference topics/ sessions include, but not limited to:



Session 1- Characterization at the nanoscale

  • State of the art of measurement at the nanoscale level
  • Methodologies for the quantitative characterization of physical and chemical parameters of nanomaterials (AFM, STM, SEM, TEM, Mass spectrometry, etc)
  • Nanotribology, Surface nanometrology/ 3D printing, etc
  • Extension and standardization of characterization Methodologies at the nanometer scale (engineered nanoparticles, nanobiotechnologies, nanoelectronics, thin films/nanocoatings)
  • New and emerging measurement and analysis technologies, and recent advances in standards and regulatory frameworks
  • Presentation of innovative studies reporting new results in the characterization of nanomaterials and nano-systems


Session 2- Standards for nanometer scale Characterization

  • Definition and realization of standards for nanometer scale characterizations (reference materials, measurement standards, etc)
  • Divulgation of good laboratory practice, Traceability, uncertainty, calibration, verification, etc
  • Precision instrumentation design and theory; optical instruments; scanning probe microscopies; particle beam microscopy; surface topography measurement; and aspects of in-line measurement


Session 3- Modeling and simulations at the nanoscale


  • New developments in modeling and simulations at the nanoscale
  • Emerging control theory and applications



Session 4- Nanosafety/ Nanotoxicity, Society and regulation issues


  • NanoToxicology
  • Sustainable nanomanufacturing
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Measurement of health risk/ Exposure scenarios
  • Regulation and ethical impacts/ Scientific Policy
  • Interface between development of new technology and global justice