The 9th ed. of Nanotech France 2024 Int. Conference and Exhibition

Conference Program

Joint Conferences program

The Nanotech France 2024 / NanoMatEn 2024 / GAMS 2024 and Biotech France 2024 Joint Conferences Program: Download/View the PDF file.

Joint Conferences Book of abstracts

The Joint Conferences Book of Abstracts will be announced here when ready (few days before the conference dates).

Oral Presentation information

Duration of each talk type (including 2 to 3 minutes for Questions/Answers):

  • A Keynote presentation is 30 mins (including Qs/As) speech.
  • An Oral (standard) presentation is 15 mins (including Qs/As) speech.
  • We do not impose a template for the oral presentation content.
  • The oral presentations should be prepared in PowerPoint format compatible PC or PDF.
  • Speakers should carry their presentations with them on a USB key or external disk. You might upload your presentation to the room laptop before the session start, during the breaks or just before your presentation time slot.
  • You need to use the room laptop. Please do not plan to use your own laptop.

Poster Information

  • The poster dimensions must be 100cm high X 80cm wide maximum.
  • We do not impose a template for the poster content.
  • Please check the conference program for your poster number. You need to display your poster during the registration on the first day.