The event will be held fully in a virtual mode.

The event offers a great opportunity for scientists, researchers, and experts active in the field of surfaces and coatings science and technologies (Polymer, material and paint chemists, surface and interface scientists, formulators, designers and policy makers) from both academia and industry to present their newest research discoveries, share insights and exchange the latest ideas.

The conference provides an excellent opportunity for scientists from Europe and from all over the world to meet and discuss the latest advances in surfaces and coatings physics and chemistry, surface engineering/ modification, coatings deposition and functionalisation processes as well as the investigated properties and performances in related innovation fields such as heterogeneous catalysis, two-dimensional materials and graphene, bio-interfaces, nanoelectronics, bio-nanoscience, functional/energy materials, etc

The conference topics include:

  • Surface treatments and coatings deposition and functionalization processes
  • Cold and Thermal spraying (PVD, CVD, ...), thermochemical, Electro- and electroless plating
  • Wet chemical and electrochemical processes such as plating, sol-gel coating, anodization,
  • Surfaces and coatings modelling and characterization
  • Interface and interaction science, adhesion and Adhesives
  • Surface nanoengineering, nano-coatings and Ultra-Thin Films
  • Graphene and carbon-based coatings/films
  • Multi-functional, composite/ hybrid, graded and multilayers coatings
  • Hydro-, ice- and oleophobic/philic surfaces
  • Smart surfaces and coatings, Self-healing, self-cleaning, … surfaces
  • Tribological coatings: friction performance, wear resistance (e.g., abrasion, erosion, fretting, etc)
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistance, Thermal protection and diffusion resistance,
  • Surface engineering/ coatings in sustainable energy, conversion, optical, electric, photovoltaic and magnetic applications
  • Biointerfaces, Biomedical/ Bioactive surfaces and coatings

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Conference Chairs

Prof. Alessandro Lavacchi

ICCOM, CNR, Firenze, Italy

Dr. Mark D. Soucek

University of Akron, USA

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Klaus Friedrich

Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

Dr. Naoufal Bahlawane

Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg

Dr. Mark D. Soucek

University of Akron, USA

Prof. Auezhan Amanov

Tampere University, Finland

Prof. Abdel Salam Hamdy Makhlouf

Integrated Mechanical Material Corrosion Consulting, USA

Prof. Bert Ellingboe

Dublin City University, Ireland

Prof. Marcela Bilek

University of Sydney, Australia

Dr. Monica Bollani

Photonic and Nanotechnology Institute, Italy

Prof. Tiberiu Minea

Paris-Sud University, France

Dr. Hans Poulis

TU Delft, Netherlands

Dr. Zaoli Zhang

Erich Schmid institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

Prof. Fabienne Poncin-Epaillard

French National Research institute, France

Dr. Xinchun Chen

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Prof. Yu Yan

University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Prof. Herman Terryn

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Prof. Boxin Zhao

University of Waterloo, Canada

Dr. Marco Alfano

University of Waterloo, Canada

Prof. Ludmila B. Boinovich

The Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Dr. Nickolay Nickolaevich Andreev

The Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

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