Conference Workshops

How to get published: Writing, submitting, and promoting your research


The workshop will provide authors with information and strategies for improving their publications record. Topics include, but are not limited to, practical aspects of manuscript preparation, efficient data presentation, open access journals, measuring impact, the paper submission process and peer-review system, copyright law and social media exposure.


Workshop programme


1. Introduction to modern academic writing


2. Before you start writing 

  • Choosing the right publication format
  • Choosing the right journal
  • Open access
  • Making and measuring impact


3. Efficient writing process

  • Preparing for your manuscript
  • How best to approach the writing process
  • Paper’s main message and story
  • Deconstructing the paper: section-by-section
  • Thesis statements and the power of the title
  • Effective ways to present data
  • Ethics and plagiarism


4. Paper submission process and peer-review

  • Submission checklist
  • Paper formatting and cover letter
  • Language editing and quality
  • Journal editor perspective
  • Peer-review system and journal reviewer perspective
  • Replying to reviewer comments
  • Copyright rules for authors


5. After submission

  • Supporting your paper after publication
  • Ways to increase citations
  • Managing publications portfolio



  • The workshop has shown me a completely new face of academic publishing. After the workshop, I immediately wanted to sit down and start writing my paper.
  • Workshop made me feel enthusiastic about writing! Would definitely recommend to a friend.
  • Well delivered and crisp. Good balance between theory and practical examples.
  • Enjoyable and extremely useful. Will enable me to be more successful when submitting.


Workshop Trainer


Tomasz Liskiewicz is a Professor of Tribology and Surface Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has 20 years of international academic and engineering experience from leading research institutions in the UK, France, Canada and Poland. Currently, Tomasz is the Head of Department of Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University.

His research interests focus on surface engineering and tribology of functional surfaces, with a particular interest in understanding the engineering coatings, its architectures and optimization for enhanced functions. His work has been published in such journals as Applied Surface Science, Surface & Coatings Technology, Wear, Tribology International, and Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. It has been presented at international conferences that include the World Tribology Congress, International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films, and Plasma Surface Engineering.

Tomasz has editorial position at Taylor & Francis Tribology journal, acts as an editorial board member in several tribology journals, and reviews papers for more than twenty international journals. He runs a successful innovation academic consultancy AmberWrite. With his team, he develops and delivers training programmes and scientific writing workshops for major international academic organisations. He is a certified Trainer by Peak Potentials (USA).


Workshop Registration fees:


Student participant: € 100.00

Doctor / Researcher participant: € 280.00

Company participant: € 350.00


Date: The workshop will be held on the 29 May 2020, 08:30 to 12:30 at the conference venue.


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